About The Waterfront Project

The feature that makes The Waterfront truly unique is the fact that it is one of the few locations that is located on a lake in Ada County. Park Center is the only other area and it is a busy, commercialized part of town. The differentiator for the Waterfront is that it is secluded from most other commercial developments. There are commercial properties directly on State Street and the restaurant Montego Bay is next door, but the rest of the area is surrounded by apartments and houses. There is already a decentralization movement that has begun to spread the business hub from downtown to mini-business centers spread across the valley.

This decentralization is moving a significant amount of business to Eagle because of the growing population base that lives there and does not want to continue to commute to downtown Boise.

Lake Harbor is strategically placed between Eagle and downtown Boise so as to make it easy to service clients in both areas. In addition, there is much more parking available at The Waterfront versus a downtown office.

In order to take advantage of the surroundings to support the tenants, the owners plan to hold charity events in the amphitheatre area for museums and local non-profits. This will draw influencers to the property so they can be exposed to the businesses there.